Rentalite-LED-equipped parking garages receive ESPA awards

Oct. 17, 2013
Date Announced: 17 Oct 2013 Parking garage Eemplein (Amersfoort), Tricotage (Veenendaal) and Bolwerk (Qpark , Gouda) have received a European Standard Parking Award. This award by Vexpan awarded to car parks in the Netherlands that meet the strict requirements of the European umbrella organization EPA. The lighting plays an important role and the Rentalite energy-efficient LED lighting has met all the requirements of the EPA.The European Standard Parking Award (ESPA) standard implies that the garage gets points per component to which the garage is assessed. To qualify for the award a minimum required number of 160 points from a maximum of 300 needs to be achieved. If the garage obtains sufficient points, the ESPA award will be given indicating the date of the inspection. The owner/operator can after a number of years apply for another inspection to obtain a renewed ESPA award. The Premium Power LED fixtures contribute to obtaining the ESPA award.

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