a-light introduces recessed linear lighting for video-conferencing applications

Sept. 30, 2013
Date Announced: 30 Sep 2013 Energy-saving recessed linear lighting for video-teleconferencing- Standard with glare-control asymmetric louversNew product introduction: architrave6 - fully recessed, energy-conserving linear ceiling luminaires that fit standard 6-inch-wide built-in utility channels in all modular, flush-mounted gypsum ceiling systems for commercial, institutional video-teleconferencing applications.Design: The a-light In-House Lighting Design and Engineering Team.Manufacturer: The a-light division of AmerillumBrands, U.S. manufacturer of energy-saving LED and linear-fluorescent lighting exclusively.Product applications: architrave6 delivers visually comfortable, controlled-glare, highly energy-efficient, evenly distributed direct downward ambient illumination, specifically for all video-teleconferencing applications.The luminaire is instantly notable by its bold linear design with dual sided matte parabolic louvers specifically designed for low-glare video teleconference lighting. Models suit a broad range of commercial, institutional environments that specify widely used USG Logix™, Armstrong Techzone™ and other contemporary, state-of-the-modular-art acoustical ceiling systems, as well as standard hard ceilings. Video-teleconference applications include corporate training and conference rooms, hotel meeting rooms, school and university classrooms. Anywhere interactive group meetings are conducted. Wherever the need for glare-controlled high-performance, low-energy, low-maintenance video-teleconference lighting coincides with a preference for integral, recessed linear architectural design, substantial energy savings and long operating life.Product description: architrave6 is characterized by a distinctive dual-sided asymmetric parabolic louver designed especially for the video-teleconference environment. This advanced louver design uniquely, effectively applies two properties: a matte specular finish on the louver’s parabolic shape assists in directing T5 Series illumination down onto video-teleconference subjects, providing defined longitudinal cut-off. On the opposite louver side, matte black-finish metal is oriented towards the front of a room. It mitigates glare in the eye of the presenter, a video camera and video screen. Luminaires are available with single-tube T5 standard or T5HO fluorescent lamping. MR-16 halogen accent lights are options at each end of architrave6 for decorative ambiance, are multi-circuited to turn off when wanted.a-light created these new-type video-teleconference luminaires to allow efficient low-energy concentration of all ceiling lighting into crisp, continuous minimalistic lines, free from overlighting and constant visual interruption from various lighting fixtures. An acoustical ceiling system using architrave6 organizes a ceiling, brings cohesiveness of design (forming a design element of its own), and provides low-glare energy-conserving light that lasts many thousands of hours, requires little to no routine maintenance.architrave6 video-teleconference lighting designs can be created vertically or horizontally along modern acoustical ceiling panels, or in standard gypsum ceilings. “Gyp” versions have a flangeless appearance for gypsum or tile to be “mudded” up to lens edges with a 5-inch cut-out; trim-flange versions have a clean .5-inch trim around the entire luminaire, powder-coated in any color. Multiple T-bar versions, shadow-molding flanges, and one-inch regressed gypsum ceiling models also available.Luminaires themselves are a mere 5-inches high by 5-inches wide, with a 4.75-inch aperture. Nominal lengths are 4-, 8- or 12-foot, and may also be specified in rows of any length. MR16 downlight accent modules are options, as are photocells and occupancy sensors.Construction & finishes: architrave6 luminaire housings are constructed from high-quality 60% recycled aluminum extrusions, are 100% recyclable. An alightanium™ low environmental impact powder-coated finish is standard for trim-flange models. Satin white, satin black, other standard powdercoat and custom colors may also be specified. architrave6 is UL, cUL damp listed; proudly made in America at our own large, modern architect-designed plant.Contact information: Visit a-light on the World Wide Web to find your local independent or factory representative at www.alights.com. The new a-light state-of-the-art headquarters and plant is at 3728 Maritime Way, Oceanside, California 92056.a-light is a division of AmerillumBrands, a multinational U.S.-based manufacturer of specified, contemporary, energy-saving lighting exclusively.

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