8point3 and Lutron to partner for energy-efficient custom lighting and control systems

Aug. 19, 2013
Date Announced: 19 Aug 2013 Businesses installing LED lighting can enjoy even greater savings after Dartford-based 8point3 LED formed a new alliance with experts in light control, Lutron Electronics Co Inc.8point3 manufactures and installs bespoke LED lighting systems for commercial and industrial clients who want to save up to 80 per cent of their energy costs and create a brighter, healthier working environment for staff. Now it has teamed up with Lutron, which supplies energy control systems around the world, and has its UK headquarters in London.“We are continually looking at innovations to keep us at the forefront of the LED industry, and Lutron supplies systems that complement our products perfectly,” said Ashley Bateup, managing director of 8point3.Lutron systems, which are aimed at the retrofit market and use RF wireless technology, include occupancy sensors that turn lights on when people enter a specific area, and dims them or switches them off when they leave; daylight harvesting sensors that dim electric lights when daylight is lighting an area; systems that enable customers to set the maximum light level for specific areas; and personal dimming controls that allow workers to set their preferred level of light for their work station.“Systems such as the occupancy sensors can save up to 60 per cent on lighting costs,” said Ashley. “Couple that with the fact that our LED customers typically record energy savings of between 50-80% against equivalent traditional lights, rising to more than 90% when coupled with Lutron, and we have a compelling offer. “There are sectors where the combination of our lighting systems and Lutron controls will be particularly attractive,” said Ashley. “For example, working with Mears PLC, we are delivering LED systems to schools, where rooms are continually being occupied and vacated, so the occupancy sensors would work perfectly.”Working predominantly with Philips Lumileds using world-leading LUXEON® chips, 8point3 designs and manufactures components that are tuned to optimise lumen output whilst ensuring power characteristics afford the highest energy savings and to ensure longevity. It specifies a daylight white colour for its office LED solutions with an emitted light colour around 5,000 Kelvin - equivalent to noon daylight on a sunny day. The colour temperature is the same as that used in lamps to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).Richard Whitbread, sales manager at Lutron, which also supplies total energy management systems for new commercial properties and residential control systems, said 8point3’s commitment to quality and innovation had persuaded his company to enter the alliance.“We were impressed by 8point3’s approach to LED,” he said. “It’s an industry where we have come across a lot of companies supplying cheap, imported products. “8point3 is different in that its products are manufactured specifically for each client and they work hard to ensure that their systems meet the differing requirements of each customer.“We felt that coupling our control systems with 8point3’s lighting would bring huge benefits to our customers as well as ourselves.”For more information on Lutron Electronics Co Inc, visit www.lutron.com/europe.

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