Gatonbrass launches commercial production of brass landscape lighting fixtures

Jan. 8, 2016
Zhongshan, Guangdong, China - Gatonbrass has announced that it will venture into the commercial production of brass landscape lighting fixtures. This comes a few days after the company had introduced a number of brass parts in the market. At the moment, the company has a 17% off on its brass chandelier parts.

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“Gatonbrass is dedicated in promoting innovations in the lighting industry by blending the contemporary and modern lighting fixtures,” said Erik, the Gatonbrass Product Manager. “We aim to revolutionize the lighting industry just as our committed team has done to other industries that depend on our brass die cast parts.”

Reason why Gatonbrass has invested in landscape lighting
According to the statement that was sent to newsrooms by the company, Gatonbrass will be investing in high performance landscape lighting. They feature high durability and performance. The company will be investing in this industry due to the following:

Security and safety
Gatonbrass is one of those companies that champion for improved security in all their products. The brass landscape lighting fixture is essential when it comes to improving security. This is crucial in preventing crime. Installing the right landscape lighting is also important for safety purposes.

Illuminate for lifestyle and utility
The Gatonbrass landscape lighting plays a crucial role when it comes to increasing nighttime outdoor. This is important for both entertainment and sports. The company will be introducing a wide range of designs that can blend with the overall environment. The companies can also order for the personalized designs.

Creating a masterpiece
Gatonbrass commercial landscape lighting fixtures meet the desired demands of most commercial buildings. They can be used to beautify gardens, trees or the entire property.

“We believe that venturing in the landscape lighting is a feasible project for Gatonbrass due to the increasing demand for the products by our partners overseas,” said Erik. “Gatonbrass strives to provide a one-stop solution to all our clients’ brass cast parts.”

Benefits of Gatonbrass landscape lighting fixtures
Gatonbrass is the only Chinese company that guarantees all landscape lighting fixtures importers of:

1. Lowest prices when they import the products direct from the factory
Gatonbrass will facilitate the shipping processes and fulfill all the legal obligations on behalf of its partners. This lowers the operational costs.

2. Quality manufacturing process
the company uses premium quality brass and advanced technology. This guarantees superior finishing.

3. Fast shipping
Gatonbrass ship samples at no cost for orders above 1,000 pcs and they offer free tooling for die casting for the same number of pieces. The company has a reliable shipping mechanism. It also has an extended support for all its customers.

Since the company started venturing into the brass die casting industry, Gatonbras guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

About Gatonbrass
Gatonbrass’s business started from supplying brass landscape lighting fixtures. Our brass lights families include halogen/LED brass spot light, LED brass pathway light, LED underwater pond light, LED lights and so on. All our brass landscape lighting fixtures are made from: brass die casting, brass forging and brass milling depending on our customer requirements.

They make OEM lighting orders for over 30 USA lighting brands.All landscape lighting fixtures from Gatonbrass have passed the UL certification and they ensure a lifetime warranty for our partners.


Erik Yang, Product Manager - Gatonbrass