NAILD graduates 34 new lighting specialists

The National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors (NAILD) announced 34 graduates of its Lighting Specialist I (LS I) program, “The Transition of Legacy Sources to LED,” during the second quarter of 2016.

LS I is a training program that helps lighting sales employees better understand how and when customers should retrofit their facilities from incandescent and compact fluorescent light (CFL) technologies to solid-state lighting (LED). The course is a combination of expert technical instruction and hands-on field experience delivered through a user-friendly, self-paced, online approach.

“Congratulations to the latest group of LS I graduates,” Becky Phillips, NAILD president, said. “It’s so important for lighting professionals to understand how LEDs have changed our industry and be prepared to help their customers make smart lighting decisions. Our training program teaches the latest industry innovations.”

The following participants have completed the latest version of the NAILD LS I training program:
• Lab Abeita, National Electric Supply
• Josh Acheson, Ewing-Foley, Inc.
• DJ Armijo, National Electric Supply
• Myda Bernal, National Electric Supply
• John Campbell, LED Light Source
• Ryan Fitts, Mustang Lighting
• Scott Fraser, Lighting Supply, Inc.
• Richard Friedman, National Electric Supply
• Mike Garcia, National Electric Supply
• Jennifer Gibbs, National Electric Supply
• Lindsey Golowesky, ProLighting
• Aaron Halbig, National Electric Supply
• Ben Hart, K & M Electric Supply, Inc.
• Jason Hefley, City Lighting Products, Inc.
• Mike Humphrey, Summit Electric Supply
• Aaron Keil, Dakota Supply Group
• Clint Lee, Summit Electric Supply
• Edmund Long, BR Supply, Inc.
• Vince Moya, National Electric Supply
• Francesca Nedvin, United Electric Power
• Karl Nelsen, Voss Lighting
• Tom O’Rourke, Lighting Supply Co.
• Mary Otto, Sunbeam Supply
• Devon Parnell, Key Lighting KC
• Victoria Perea, National Electric Supply
• John Posen, National Electric Supply
• Holly Przasnyski, Keystone
• Paul Roberts, Conserve-A-Watt Lighting, Inc.
• Jackie Sauer, Lighting Supply Co.
• Alyson Sharma, Keystone
• Ricky Sipes, Mustang Lighting
• Samantha Virzi, N & S Electric
• Francesca Warren, Graybar
• Jeremy Wilson, ShineRetrofits

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