Hubbell Control Solutions' universal voltage fixture module enables monitoring and control of outdoor lighting

March 21, 2016
Hubbell Control Solutions is excited to announce the wiSCAPE™ Fixture Module UNV lighting control, with new universal 120-480V input. This bidirectional wireless device allows any outdoor light fixture to be managed, monitored and metered. Hubbell Control Solutions' new module demonstrates the brand’s commitment to lighting control innovation.

Universal input voltage drastically simplifies product selection and implementation for outdoor lighting control. HCS's new device is flexible, functioning as an autonomous lighting control system or wirelessly managed from a central system. No control wiring is required for configuration. The wiSCAPE distributed control technology adapts easily to complex situations for quick and economical commissioning.

The wiSCAPE Fixture Module provides ON/OFF control and 0-10V dimming output. Motion sensors, switches and photocells connect through low-voltage inputs. Perfect for LED luminaires, the module is also suitable for fixtures utilizing traditional HID, fluorescent or induction light sources.

New scalable lighting control solutions from HCS meet evolving building codes and regulations. They provide measurement and control granularity to specifiers and facility managers in a variety of applications. Optimal for garages, parking lots, "at risk" locations and even street lighting across an entire city.

Fixture Module availability begins 2Q2016.


Hubbell Control Solutions