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Feb. 11, 2015
Office lighting design plays an important part in office modern decoration. For the office staff, a comfortable and relaxing work environment can greatly influence their efficiency and mood.

Many companies and workplaces are applying appropriate LED lighting to illumination their office rooms. Most of the LED lighting products include LED tubes, downlights, panel lights, linear lamps, etc. Syhdee, one LED lighting company, helps you select and integrate a perfect office lighting system.

Reception lobbies
The reception lobby is the most important place that presents a company’s image and brand. Syhdee has applied LED panel lights and downlights in reception lighting design to make the entire hall brilliant and bright. We do not recommend the use of pendant LED lights because in this application they will make the hall seem depressing and narrow.

Office rooms
Open-type offices comprise a main application area. Comfort and uniformity are the basics to be considered. Lighting design for open offices should include the stereoscopic space and other function areas. For example, a working table with dam-board can reduce light dazzling.

Furthermore, different building materials have great impact on lighting effects. Syhdee's latest office room project adopts LED tube lights for illumination. Grey carpet is characterized by a rough surface, diffusing the ceiling light softly and making people feel more comfortable; the white ceiling and working table are able to brighten the whole space.

Meeting rooms
Compared to other areas, meeting rooms are easier to design. Only one point is selected for the placement of bright LED tube lightz or LED panel lights near the head of the table for making staff feel more focused and united.


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