Lightpholio iOS app puts lighting catalogs instantly in the hands of sales and design professionals

May 29, 2015
A mobile app that brings showroom sales people, designers and other lighting industry professionals’ instant access to hundreds of manufacturer’s catalogs and brochures is now available. The new app, called Lightpholio, uses the attractive, convenient viewing experience of a tablet or smart phone instead of traditional paper catalogs. The space once occupied by bookshelves found in many showrooms can now be used to display the more important content of product displays and lighting fixtures.

Lightpholio makes it easy to build a showroom product kiosk around an Apple iPad. In addition, it allows sales and design professionals to obtain instant, around-the-clock access to industry literature with a mobile device. Lightpholio leverages the advantages of both platforms by showing product photography on high-definition displays. It also gives users the ability to pinch-zoom on images or text to provide additional detail, bookmark pages for future reference and access, and easily share product pages with prospective clients via email.

Lightpholio is currently available in the Apple app store.


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