LED lighting supplier LED World supports Earth Hour 2015 energy savings initiative

April 8, 2015
LED World LLC is a part of multi-dimensional LED World International group with head office located in Dubai, UAE. We represent the best and reliable brands in the industry and promote only eco-friendly LED lighting solutions. Since its inception, the name LED World stands for itself, created to deliver 360-degree LED lighting products and services to customers. We operate five divisions which include the Commercial/accent lighting, Outdoor/decoration lighting, Retail/indoor lighting, Home/residential lighting, and Sign supply divisions. Our operations in the Middle East started in 2004 with a humble setup in Deira – Dubai, UAE, dealing with electronics and electrical products and by 2008, we made a complete transformation into eco-friendly products and put our focus on LED lighting. We hold exclusive dealership rights for many renowned brands as well as being the stockist and wholesale agent for many internationally acclaimed companies. We are continuing to update our supplier list with more forward-looking and interesting products and services. We have strong domestic and international dealership chains and distribution networks and have a state of the art 5400-square-feet showroom and warehousing facility in Dubai. Our company has grown to be among the largest LED lighting companies in Dubai by providing lighting solutions to many known brands.

Based on its established reputation, LED World now proudly takes the initiative to support and implement “Earth Hour” to save the planet. Lighting is the third biggest energy user in daily lives, hence our LED based products ensure energy conservation which will lead to a healthier environment and serve best for this cause. We are very much in the practice of switching off lights when leaving an unoccupied room, shutting down our computers, chargers, fridges, and water taps, as well as all other electrical devices before leaving our workplace in order to play our role in the conservation of energy for the betterment of our planet. We strongly believe in saving water, plastic, and especially paper with the help of technology advancement providing us mobile access day and night for professional as well as personal use. It is a fact that LED bulbs save more than 70% energy compared to incandescent or other types of bulbs. Switching to LED lighting can create a huge impact on energy conservation as well as cost of living, which decreases with time. Let’s join hands for "A Brighter Tomorrow: Switch to LED - Save Energy, Save the Planet.”


LED World