Architectural lighting brand apure debuts with Porsche Design Studio collaboration

Nov. 25, 2015
apure, the first architectural lighting brand to collaborate with Porsche Design Studio, announces the launch of its revolutionary system this month and is already anticipated to become a game changer within the illumination industry. Featuring high-precision components conceptualized, engineered and manufactured in Germany, apure has developed a progressive product line, including a flexible and energy-efficient ceiling system, that intersects high design with careful engineering, setting new standards in architectural and interior design world. It presents a first-of-its-kind recessed profile called Opus. Tucked away into a sleek configuration, this profile enables a variety of different devices to be embedded within, incorporating lighting, energy management, security, audio and air supply all in one aesthetic plane.

“We think of the ceiling as the fifth wall,” says Uli Petzold, Founder and CEO of apure. “There’s no reason that your ceiling needs to look like Swiss cheese anymore. With apure we organize all trades, creating a solution for ceiling clutter” says Mr. Petzold. “That will save a tremendous amount of money in labor and material and at the same time architects and interior designers are in total control of the aesthetics of the ceiling.”

A team of German engineers at apure has realized a 10-way bus system to power and control the entire profile, yet still allow mobility of the fixtures and various devices within. Ceilings will finally achieve the kind of simple integrated aesthetics never before executed that will set a precedent for future models in architectural lighting design.

For the first time, various devices can be added, removed or repositioned even after the initial installation. The smooth design has been devised to create a fifth architectural dimension using light and brings a complete new approach to illumination that is in line with Porsche Design Studio’s DNA of lateral thinking and designing to break the mold.

The new brand will debut four signature lines within the apure family: Clarus, a recessed, trimmed downlight; Velo, a recessed, trimless downlight; Tantus, a surface-mounted downlight; and the Opus. Each trim and finish from apure is fully customizable in over 4,800 different color combinations, offering a wide range of creative control for designers and end users, including designing with the latest on-trend color scheme. This was conceived to complement a dynamic range of interior designs that are flexible to clients’ personal aesthetics and efficient for their needs.

“We have created and developed a tool for architects and interior designers which are driven by aesthetics and functionality, a tool which already is changing the entire industry,” says Petzold.

Uli Petzold and his team have been designing architectural lighting concepts for residential, retail and commercial spaces for over 20 years before creating and founding apure. The brand is already in high demand by architects, designers, developers and design-savvy clientele around the globe. Luxury projects including One Thousand Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects in Downtown Miami, Palazzo Del Sol on Fisher Island and the new airport in Qatar are three examples currently installing the apure system.

Additionally apure architectural lighting has already been specified and partly installed in over 100 luxury homes, featuring projects from prominent architects including Norman Foster, Richard Meier and Piero Lissoni.

apure debuts its headquarters and first showroom in Miami’s burgeoning new design neighborhood, Ironside, to serve as a model for all showrooms as well as training center for representatives and employees. So far 15 showrooms are on track to open both nationally and internationally this year alone including locations in South Hampton, Boston, Chicago, Milano, Rome, Zürich and Bogota.