Everlast Lighting's Ultralux Light 4- and 6-lamp T5 fluorescent fixtures feature universal ballasts

Jan. 2, 2015

UltraLux® Light cuts price on existing T5 high bay inventory, enables customers to purchase efficient technology at minimum cost

JACKSON, MI -- UltraLux® Light, a product of EverLast® Lighting, Inc., lives up to its vision statement every day by providing high quality, full spectrum lighting, energy saving high bay fixtures and office lights. Specializing in T5 high bay fluorescent fixtures that are perfect for providing better lighting for shop, barn, warehouse, and office lighting applications, UltraLux® has substantially lowered its cost of its 4 and 6 Lamp T5 high bay fixtures.

The UltraLux® T5 4-Lamp and 6-Lamp fixtures feature 5,900 Kelvin temperature lamps, and a color rendering index of 96, and last a minimum of 20,000 hours. While the T5 4-Lamp fixtures use 190 watts, and the T5 6-Lamp fixtures use 290 watts, both have a 98% fixture efficiency, and are backed by an industry leading warranty. Both fixtures are equipped with universal ballasts ranging from 110 volts to 277 volts, and are ETL and ETLC listed. Furthermore, the T5 4-Lamp 190 watt fixtures are comparable to 400w metal halide and can replace 1 for 1. The UltraLux® 4-Lamp T5 fixture with bulbs was previously priced at $175 per unit and is now priced at $125 while the UltraLux® 6-Lamp T5 fixture with bulbs was previously priced at $221 per unit and has also been lowered to $175. "We are pleased to offer our customers the same high quality fixtures at a lower price while maintaining our industry leading warranty," commented Alex Orr, Vice President of Sales at EverLast® Lighting, Inc. "The high color rendition index (CRI) and Kelvin temperature of our lamps make our 4 and 6 lamp fixtures ideal for most high bay applications." UltraLux® Light high bay fixtures are 50-70% more energy efficient than metal halides and last up to 35,000 hours with 90% lumen maintenance. The UltraLux® Light 4 and 6 lamp high bay fixtures provide a more natural and high color rendition light quality unlike traditional metal halide fixtures. UltraLux® lighting fixtures are also available with wire guards, allowing the fixtures to be protected and installed in various applications. The UltraLux® high bay fixtures are commonly used in large scale facilities and can be found installed in Cummins facilities in Indiana, ABB Group facilities in Illinois, and Royal Technologies facilities in Alabama. About EverLast® Lighting: EverLast® Lighting, Inc. is a sister company of Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. and has quickly grown into the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting solutions for roadway, parking structure, facility and area lighting applications. If you would like updates about EverLast®, please follow EverLast® on Twitter or visit them on Facebook.


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