Lighting Solution Development partners with Compass Consultants on lighting business planning service

Aug. 28, 2015
Lighting Solution Development has partnered with COMPASS Consultants to now provide lighting business planning services designed specifically for advanced lighting manufacturers. “Start-up lighting manufacturers need business plans to clarify their target markets, channel strategies, differentiation, value proposition, as well as to secure capital. Established manufacturers also need business plans to grow their business by expanding into new channels & markets, overcome slumps and plateaus, and manage a dizzying rate of market change,” said David Shiller, president of Lighting Solution Development.

Shiller added, “COMPASS Consultants has over 25 years of strategic business planning experience and Ron McKenzie literally wrote the book on business planning for architects. He has facilitated over a hundred business plan meetings and workshops. His decades of experience helping builders, contractors, engineers, and architects is also extremely valuable to manufacturers.”

“It will be a powerful advantage for a lighting manufacturer to get the business planning expertise of COMPASS combined with the deep lighting market expertise that David Shiller brings. Lighting Solution Development has provided impactful strategic consulting to dozens of advanced lighting manufacturers. Together, we will hone a manufacturer’s market differentiation and value proposition strategies into a powerful business tool,” said Ron McKenzie, President of COMPASS Consultants.

This partnership will offer lighting manufacturers strategic planning, lighting business planning, and/or marketing planning, to achieve:

• Bottom line improvements
• Develop competitive advantages
• Improve operational performance
• Align individual efforts with corporate goals
• Assist in entering new markets

Interested manufacturers should contact David Shiller.

About COMPASS Consultants Corporation
COMPASS Consultants is a business planning and marketing consulting company that helps companies grow. Ron McKenzie has been a licensed architect for over 35 years and gives him a unique perspective on the business of architecture, construction, engineering and how construction PRODUCTS and SERVICES are delivered. Ron has spoken at over one-hundred seminars and conventions, including Hong Kong and Paris, on business planning, and has authored over two-hundred articles and several books.

About Lighting Solution Development
Lighting Solution Development provides technical and marketing solutions to advanced lighting manufacturers, including the following consulting services: utility rebate representation, certification management, product development, recruiting, market research, compliance, and business development.


David Shiller, President - Lighting Solution Development