Zaniboni outdoor lighting is certified sea-turtle-friendly by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

March 23, 2015
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has certified 6 of Zaniboni Lighting’s outdoor lighting products for shore use, protecting sea turtles.

For millions of years female sea turtles have been coming ashore to lay their eggs on beaches. Hatchling turtles are guided to the ocean by an instinct to travel away from the dark silhouettes of the dune vegetation and toward the brightest horizon which was the light from the sky reflecting off of the ocean. In present times, many coastal areas are highly populated and light up the area, confusing and disorienting the sea turtles. Artificial outdoor lighting near the beach can deter females from nesting as well as disorient hatchling sea turtles. The hatchlings then could travel inland, toward the artificial lights, where they can often die from dehydration, are preyed on by other species, or sometimes crawl onto the road where they get run over.

All outdoor lighting fixtures on the seaward and the shore perpendicular sides of the building should be well shielded, downward directed type fixtures. Long wavelength lights (those that produce light that measures greater than 560 nanometers on a spectroscope) are necessary for all construction visible from and adjacent to marine turtle nesting beaches.

Bright white light, such as fluorescent, halogen, mercury vapor, metal halide and incandescent lamps will not be approved. Filters do not work for this situation and are not allowed. Limited use of shorter wavelength lights may be approved in areas where direct and indirect light or glow could not possibly be visible from the beach, with approval by the FWC.

Zaniboni Lighting is proud to launch the new outdoor area lighting products that have been approved and certified by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


Zaniboni Lighting
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