Gripple offers Angel Hanger for lighting installation

March 17, 2015

Gripple Limited, the world-beating producer of innovative suspension solutions, looked to the skies and designed the Gripple Angel Hanger for lighting installation with style and aesthetics at the forefront of thinking.

The Angel Hanger, with its contemporary finish to complement the overall suspension, is also the most discreet lighting installation solution yet. It is ideal for architectural lighting suspensions, signage, acoustic baffles and others where visual appeal is paramount. Suspension using the Angel Hanger to different fixing points is enabled by a range of end fixings and an extensive choice of ceiling end fixings allows installation to a variety of substrates. Requiring no installation tool, with a simple and quick one-handed operation the Angel Hanger is easily adjusted along the wire rope. It is supplied in convenient, ready-to-use kits, with wire rope in lengths up to 10m as standard. The Angel Hanger is suitable for loads up to 15kg with a 5:1 safety factor to accommodate a wide range of suspensions, and the 1.5mm wire rope used makes the suspension as discreet as possible.


Catherine King - Grippled Limited

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