VER Adds Air Support Frame to Vast Patent Portfolio

Oct. 15, 2015
Los Angeles, CA – October 6, 2015 – VER, a leading, global provider of production equipment and engineering support, today announced that it has received worldwide patents for its innovative Air support frame, currently offered on its Winvision Air 9 product range. The first of its kind, the Air frame is featherweight, ultra-portable, and uses materials and construction techniques from the automotive industry. The reduced weight and high accuracy of the proprietary frame allow the product to be used in larger arrays without the need for additional overhead support.

“Our Air frame gives clients access to top-notch technology in a fantastic form factor,” said Keith Harrison, head of LED for VER. “With a breakthrough in weight reduction, our Air 9mm has become one of the most popular rental products in our inventory, which is the largest and most diverse in the world."
Jeremy Hochman, leader of VER’s research and development team, commented, “VER is the first production services company to utilize carbon fiber for outdoor products. We apply an innovative construction technique for the Air frame, including lightweight carbon fiber rods held together with billet aluminum corner blocks. The Air frame is a super lightweight extension of VER's RS platform that is incredibly strong and accurate.

“In 2011, we began prototyping with carbon fiber and CNC'd aluminum to see how much weight we could remove from otherwise heavy and bulky products. With the success of our RS5 product line, we went to the next level with the Air frame.” Hochman continued, “We take innovation seriously and protect all of our proprietary products with patents. As of this month, we have registered patents for the Air frame in China, the European Community, Korea, and U.S.A."
“We have had a great experience bringing Winvision products into the market and we are very pleased with the end result,” Harrison added.

Winvision Air 9 was first deployed for One Direction’s Where We Are worldwide tour, and it has continued to amaze audiences globally through Lady Antebellum’s Wheels Up tour, The Voice, iHeart Music Awards, and more.
Winvision Air 9mm is available worldwide for rental. This patent is one of 30 issued for VER and the company has an additional 51 pending.

About VER:
VER is a leading, global provider of production equipment and engineering support. With the world’s largest inventory of rental equipment, VER supplies the most advanced technology to a broad array of clients in the corporate, TV, cinema, live events and broadcast markets. Clients rely on VER’s depth of experience in Audio, Video, Lighting, LED, Cameras, Rigging, Media Servers, Fiber and more. With 32 offices across North America and Europe, 24/7 support, and unparalleled expertise, VER can support any live or taped production anywhere in the world.


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