Brightek launches 365-nm, 2000-mW UV LED with high luminous efficacy

Dec. 28, 2015
In the wavelength domain of UVA, 365nm is another main wavelength
beside 385nm~405nm, and it is mainly applied to:
1. Ink Printing/Resin Hardening/LOCA (Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive). The wavelength of 365nm is shorter with higher energy, and it has a strength of faster curing speed compared to 385~405nm.
2. Valued Paper-Like Printing/Seal of Light-Detecting Fiber/Security Pattern & Invisible Fluorescent Ink. 365nm is more suitable than 400nm to be applied on counterfeit detection due to its sensitivity for colorful fiber and printing ink.
3. Industrial Inspection: e.g. pollution, leakage check, conformal coating inspection, tableware degreased cleansing check and fluorescent crack detection.
4. Criminal Investigation (fingerprint and blood stain) and grow light (catching bugs)

365nm is extensively used, but in contrast to the wavelength above 385nm, it requires more demanding quality of LED packaging materials. Brightek has successfully developed this new LED product of high power and superior luminous efficacy aiming at high-tech 365nm. The product size is 6.8mm x 6.8mm x 3.5mm, and it adopts ALN and complex ceramic packaging with glass lens. The product is driven by 500mA and can reach the output of 2,000mW while attaining high temperature resistance and UV resistance. 365nm UV products have officially been offered to strategic customers to do verification and testing, and the mass production is scheduled in 2016 Q1.

Brightek 6868 365nm LED with high luminous efficacy

Brightek is devoted to the development of UV LED and at present supplies the products of UVA 365nm~430nm among 1W~10W with various lineups to meet customer’s request, and customized solutions are also available. In addition to the platform of 3535, 5252 and 6868 packaging, for the cost-sensitive consumer application such as UV lamp for nail art, Brightek has also developed 3030 with numerous viewing angles to fit customer’s request. Moreover, Brightek values customers’ user experiences and provides diversified engineering services while assisting customers to optimize the products by design and cost balanced.

About Brightek:
Brightek is a professional LED manufacturer, mainly providing LED packages and solutions for customers. Founded in 2001, Brightek’s headquarters are based in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and the company has two plants: Shenzhen (China) & Taoyuan (Taiwan). Brightek’s product families include LED lamps, SMD LEDs, PLCC, ceramic, COB, UV, IR LEDs, etc. We focus on quality, innovation, and reliability, and continue to be a leading supplier of high quality LED solutions.



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