Yaham's 130-lm/W Compact II LED high bay has IP65 rating and various beam angles for commercial and industrial lighting

Sept. 1, 2015
Recently, Yaham lighting announced that its Compact II series LED high bay with super-high light efficiency worked very well and won great praise from users.

“I was surprised of the round high bay. Many lumen, good. Thanks for the correct delivery.”
“For me the quality is very important. I am confident and will certainly knock at your next project with you again.”
--Customer from Belgium

“According to comparison between models (new YHL-ID-180-HB-VE and old YHL-ID-180-HB-VD), we found new one is much more interesting: Its efficiency is much higher. It weights less, so shipment is much cheaper.”
--Customer from Russia

“the quality looks very good as I would expect from Yaham. Also, the packaging is very good which makes a big difference to the customers perception of quality too, so well done.”
--Customer from Germany

“We got a very positive feedback to your 180W high bay! Thanks and congratulations! Looking forward to get more projects with it!”
--Customer from Germany

More information about this popular LED high bay:
a) New material and technology in manufacturing a new generation of heat sink, integration of AA1070 (Al99.7) pure aluminum forged heat sink, instead of ADC12 (Al85.5) aluminum alloy; delivers lighter weight and better thermal performance
b) 130 lm/W, top quality LED chips are used to ensure higher efficiency and longer lifetime. According to ISTMT report and LM-80 report, TM-21 shows that the lumen maintenance is more than 86.94% at 60,000 hours
c) Smaller and lighter, only 1.2 kg/1.8 kg with E39 joints
d) Excellent optical design, various options for beam angle (60, 90, 120 degrees) and IP65 to meet more lighting applications
e) Long life with low maintenance; lifetime is more than 50,000 hours, and 5 year warranty is offered
f) 100W, 120W, 150W, 180W and and more versions are available
g) Suitable for warehouse, sports facility, shopping mall, toll station, parking lot, gas station, roadway and other interior and exterior lighting applications

Dimming and intelligent control are also optional upon customer’s request.To learn more details about Yaham's Compact II LED high bay light please visit our website.


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