Philips Advance Xitanium SR LED Drivers Brochure (PAd-1457BR)

Jan. 29, 2019

Connected lighting systems are becoming an
increasingly popular way to reduce energy costs,
meet code compliance requirements and tap into
emerging smart lighting applications.
The Philips Advance Xitanium SR LED driver portfolio
provides a strong, cost-effective foundation for a
wide range of connected lighting systems—from
individual luminaire control to networked solutions.
It standardizes the digital connection between
driver and sensor, eliminating the need for auxiliary
components while alleviating compatibility issues
and time-consuming configurations.
This open-standard approach plus the drivers’ easy
design-in mean you get unparalleled flexibility to
work with your choice of third-party controls, and
you spend less time and effort bringing products
to market.
Together with Philips, it has never been
easier for you to create robust, cutting-edge
connected lighting solutions.