High-Performance, Road-Legal LED Auxiliary Driving Lights: Philips Ultinon Drive 7000 and 5100 Series

Sept. 13, 2022

Frankfurt, Germany – September 13th, 2022 – Drivers seeking improved visibility now have a choice of powerful, road-legal LED auxiliary driving lights combining superior far and wide illumination with rugged design. Precision engineered by leading automotive lighting supplier Lumileds, the Philips Ultinon Drive 7000 and 5100 series of auxiliary driving lights provide enhanced brightness for cars and trucks both on- and off-road.

Spot hazards over half a kilometer away with Philips Ultinon Drive UD7050L

On the road, the Philips Ultinon Drive UD7050L projects a stylish white beam of intense LED light 480 meters ahead of the vehicle, enabling drivers to spot hazards sooner and react faster. With its ECE R149 homologation, this high-performance light bar is 100% road-legal in the European Union. Reduced glare helps keep other road-users safe, too. An off-road boost feature increases output from 4000 to 5300 lumens and extends the beam length to 520 meters illuminating the terrain ahead in sharp detail. A de-icing feature dispatches any build-up of snow and ice that could impair the beam pattern and reduce visibility.

Philips Ultinon Drive 5100 series: positioned for clarity

The Philips Ultinon 5100 series harnesses brilliant LED light in light bars and round lights that deliver long-range visibility and the flexibility of a position-light function. The light bars’ beam length of up to 500 meters from 4000 lumens of light output ensures a clear view of the road for greater confidence and precision behind the wheel. For even greater intensity over shorter distances, the 5001R round light produces 8000 lumens. When used as a position light, the Philips Ultinon Drive 5100 series lets drivers choose between intense amber and cool white to express their personal style. ECE R148 and R149 approval means these powerful Philips LED driving lights are authorized for European public roads.

Toughness that’s built in

The entire Philips Ultinon Drive range is tough. In addition to IK07 impact resistance, a sturdy one-piece body, and an unbreakable polycarbonate lens, every light in the 7000 and 5100 series is IP68/69K-rated for protection from dust and water ingress. Even high-pressure power washers used for cleaning cars and trucks won’t damage these driving lights. They also benefit from stainless-steel mounting brackets that can withstand ice, snow, and salt. Though they are tough enough for overland adventures and urban jungles, the Philips Ultinon Drive lights are gentle on the eyes.

To discover more about the Philips Ultinon Drive 7000 and 5100 series of LED driving lights, please visit: www.Philips.com/LED-driving-lights

About Lumileds:

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