GL Optic Spectrosoft Analytical Software
GL Optic Spectrosoft Analytical Software
GL SPECTROSOFT analytical, PC-based software is designed for laboratory applications, field work, production quality control and for general light assessment purposes.
It turns raw data from devices into powerful information, presenting data in windows (tables) and easy to interpret graphical schematic views.
Depending on the version (Basic, PRO or Lab) GL Spectrosoft can calculate, evaluate, present or report such parameters as: CCT, chromaticity error, peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, CRI, color coordinate values according to CIE standards, ISO, Metamerism Index, PAR, PPF, PPFD, photobiological safety, binning, MacAdam ellipses and much more.

The software gives a user the opportunity to experiment using collected data: to test them (e.g. PAS/FAIL), to analyse them according to international standards (CIE, ISO etc.), compare them with other data (reference window) and make calculations using different parameters (e.g. counting luminous intensity values).

GL Spectrosoft calculates:
radiometric values: irradiance [W/m² nm], radiance [W/cm² sr nm], radiant power [W/nm] and radiant intensity [W/sr nm]
photometric values: luminance [cd/m² ], illuminance [lux], and luminous flux [lm]
colorimetric values: cxy chromacity, peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, purity, color rendering, correlated color temperature, CRI index and Metamerism Index.
photosynthetic active radiation 400-700 [μmol], PPF [μmol/s] and PPFD [μmol/m2/s]
photobiological safety
and much more!
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