LuxCal250 Lux and Luminance Meter Calibration

LuxCal250 Lux and Luminance Meter Calibration
LuxCal250 Lux and Luminance Meter Calibration
The LuxCal250 provides accurate luxmeter calibration over an exceptionally wide dynamic range.

Comprising a light-tight enclosure housing standards of illuminance, Bentham’s LuxCal250 presents a straightforward and cost-effective calibration solution obviating requirements typical of traditional, distance-based calibration.

Core benefits

+ Calibrate luxmeter/ luminance meters in accordance with ISO/CIE 19476:2014
+ No Darkroom or optical bench required to achieve wide dynamic range
+ Calibration traceable to PTB, Germany
+ Optional luminance or UKAS accredited calibration


- Houses standards in light tight enclosure with easy access to position devices under test
- Colour shifted (2856K quartz tungsten halogen (QTH) standards (CIE illuminant A)
- Output level of the illuminance calibrator is varied via four neutral density filters, providing five calibration levels
- Lab jack and height gauge, featuring a laser alignment aid, allow accurate positioning of device under test
- Output level of the luminance calibrator is varied via three neutral density filters, providing four calibration levels
- Includes high performance 610 programmable constant current power supply

Reported Parameters

- Illuminance ( lx )
- Optional Luminance ( cd.m ^(-2) )
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