LISUN released the newest Flicker Tester to meet EU2019/2020

Dec. 20, 2021

The ErP directives EC 244/2009, EC 245/2009, EU 1194/2012 and the energy efficiency label EU 874/2012 have been implemented for many years. The EU has continuously improved lighting product technology in the past four years. In reviewing these directives, the new ErP directive EU 2019/2020 and the energy efficiency label EU 2019/2015 were promulgated on December 5, 2019, and will be enforced on September 1, 2021. At that time, the old version of the energy efficiency label of all lighting products in the EU market will be replaced.

LISUN has already updated the software of the LPCE-2 Spectroradiometer & Integrating Sphere system and the LSG series Goniophotometer system for our customers free of charge to meet the latest the energy efficiency label EU 2019/2015 requirements, but the EU 2019/2020 also requires two The Flicker test parameters of SVM and Pst LM. LISUN released the newest version of LSRF-3 Lamp Start, Run-up Time and Flicker Test System, it is fully meet BASIC, Energy Star V2.1, CA CEC, ASSIST, IEC TR 61547-1:2020 IEC-Pst, CIE SVM and IEEE Std 1789. LSRF-3 can test dynamic Pst LM(I) with the LSP-1KVARC-Pst power supply independently developed by LISUN.

For the existing old customers of LISUN, we also provide two more economical upgrade solutions: upgrade the LSRF-3 Flicker test solution in the existing Integrating Sphere system, OR upgrade the LSRF-3 Flicker test solution in the existing goniophotometer system. The two solutions are equipped with corresponding Chinese and English software and can run on Win7, Win8, Win10 and Win11 (USB driver has been certified by Microsoft and can be installed directly)         

Please feel free to send email to LISUN to ask more detail brochure. LISUN is CIE Membership and all products passed CE. LISUN products have been well accepted by many world famous companies such as UL, SGS, NIST, NIM, UNDP, Philips, OSRAM and so on.