This is a timed shot showing the Green egress LEDs.
This is a timed shot showing the Green egress LEDs.
The Emergent Lighting System is an emergency egress and mass notification system that can be activated in various emergency situations. The system can be mounted over the baseboard, along the ceiling, and around door frames. Each emergency situation has a designated color code programmed into the system that can also be determined by the user.
In the event of a smoke/fire emergency, the egress pathway will be illuminated with dynamic Green LED lights that flash or strobe, to the nearest exit point. This puts the emergency lighting on the floor where and individual would be crawling out of a burning building. The system activates with the existing fire alarm system.
The system also incorporates the use of Red, Blue, Amber, and White LEDs. Each of these can be illuminated to indicate different emergency situations, such as intruder or weather. This instantly visually indicates that there is a threat potential to the entire building, facility or campus, including multiple buildings.
Each UL listed control unit has its own internal battery. The emergency lighting feature automatically activates white LEDs on loss of power to the controller. Each controller has the capability to be activated individually or as a system through Modbus interface.
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