Highest Efficacy T8 LED Tube @ 193lm/W, 12W, 2300 lumens

July 4, 2017
My Lumens Technology is proud to announce the highest hot efficacy T8 LED tube at 193 lm/W, 12W, 2300 lumens. The high efficacy is important as it will lowers the monthly utility bill to operate the lamp. 193 lm/W is highest in the market with low glare, no flicker, 30% less blue light. At $0.11 per kWH, at 24x7; the payback is less than 6 months or an estimated 250% savings as compared to traditional Fluorescent tube. Other benefits includes long lasting resulting in less maintenance, less heat resulting in lowering air conditioning cost and environment friendly. Besides 193lm/W, My Lumens has been shipping 2000 lm at 11W since 2015. As a reference, competition is at 150lm/W.