Feb. 26, 2019

Healthe® by Lighting Science is pleased to announce the launch of its circadian optimized line of architectural luminaires. The product line, named 480®, leverages Healthe’s patented technology to deliver the right spectrum at the right time, enhancing wellbeing and productivity in commercial, managed care, hospitality and many other applications. Available in a variety of linear profiles, mounting options, and lengths, the 480 line can be specified in nearly any type of configuration.

The 480 product line takes its name from the wavelength of light that corresponds to the body’s peak circadian sensitivity. Blue-enriched light at 480 nanometers provides an alertness-boosting impact akin to that of natural sunlight while blue-depleted light at 480 nanometers creates a more calming environment. The 480 series luminaires, with their engineered spectrum, optimize circadian impact. The two-channel light source includes the alertness and focus-enhancing GoodDay® spectrum and the blue-depleted GoodNight® spectrum that enhances sleep. Source spectrum and intensity are controlled via 0-10V inputs, thus enabling easy integration with buildings’ control systems.

“The 480 line is about simplifying circadian lighting and making it more accessible for architects and specifiers,” says Meggan Kessler, VP Product Management and Marketing of Healthe. “With the 480 Line, Healthe enhances its position as a leader in the wellness space, using light as a platform to deliver beneficial solutions for the built environment. The era of installing LED solutions to only achieve energy savings has passed. The 480 line brings the comfort and health of occupants back as the top priority.”

The 480 family of products come in varying profiles, lengths, and mounting configurations including suspended, wall mount, surface and recessed. This substantial offering of products ensures that designers will have all the relevant form factors required to include an element of circadian supporting, biological light in any of today’s built environments.

Healthe products, including the 480 line, are represented in major metropolitan markets by an expanding network of lighting agents. To purchase products or to get more information on Healthe and its line of commercial and consumer products, please visit

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