Signify’s newest connected lighting innovations deliver greater value for customers

May 24, 2019

May 21, 2019

  • Latest products, systems and services unveiled at LIGHTFAIR®International 2019 underscore Signify’s leadership in connected lighting and lighting for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Company commitment on track to deliver 80% of product portfolio that is connected or connectable by 2020


Philadelphia, USA – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, introduced several new innovations that are helping customers navigate the transition to connected lighting systems and beyond. On display at LIGHTFAIR®International 2019 (LFI), Signify’s offerings represent market leading innovations across a wide range of applications to support customers anywhere along the connected journey.  

Connected lighting systems are transforming how people improve their quality of life at home, work and in their communities. The value connected lighting delivers continues to expand beyond energy, labor and operational savings by improving productivity, safety, and wellbeing from schools and stores to office buildings and cities.

This year’s technology and innovation highlights include:


  • Light Fidelity (LiFi) – an exciting and emerging technology in which enabled LED fixtures combine high-quality light with data connectivity using light waves. This enables customers to send email, securely access their company network, and surf the Internet through their lights.
  • Interact IoT Platform – a highly secure, scalable cloud-based platform which uses sophisticated data management and processing capabilities to create data-enabled services—unlocking the full potential of connected lighting for smart buildings, smart offices, and smart cities.


The shift to connected lighting is accelerating the pace of change faster than ever before. At Signify, we are transforming these challenges into opportunities in order to help our customers connect and deliver value in new, exciting ways.”

Roger Karner,

US President of Signify

Signify is also showcasing the following new product system innovations at LIGHTFAIR in Booth #1401:


For indoor lighting systems:

  • Interact Pro – the first multi-tasking, smart lighting system and software developed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to control and manage their lighting.
  • Interact Retail featuring Indoor Navigation – enabled by connected LED lighting, Interact Retail supports new operational efficiencies, generates data for in-depth retail analytics, and enhances the overall in-store shopping experience.
  • Philips LED InstantFit T8 VLC – features the patented Visible Light Communications (VLC) technology to enable location-based services through Interact Retail without adding any additional hardware in the fixture.
  • Philips MasterConnect LED lamps – these Interact Ready lamps enable an easy upgrade to a connected lighting system without re-wiring the fixtures. The 2.4GHz mesh networking technology allows integration with a variety of control devices such as sensors and switches.


For outdoor lighting systems:

  • Interact Landmark – a cloud-based connected architectural lighting system designed to help stimulate economic development, community engagement, and neighborhood revitalization through spectacular light shows and dynamic effects.
  • BrightSites – an aesthetically designed light pole that brings together quality, energy-efficient LED street lighting and high-capacity mobile connectivity. It offers a platform to support 5G connectivity and smart city applications.
  • Color Kinetics FlexElite – the latest, brightest, and most flexible member of the Flex lighting family, its innovative modular design allows for quick and easy customization, while IntelliHue technology produces exceptional white and rich, saturated color light.


For architectural design lighting systems:

  • ModiFly – allows for ultimate flexibility with predefined patterns that can be configured to create unique suspended lighting designs.


For OEM lighting systems:

  • Philips Fortimo InstantFit Module – a field replaceable LED module for indoor linear troffers which can be replaced without screws. This enables late stage fixture configuration at factory, RDC, distributor, or even in field.
  • Advance Xitanium Driver – future-proof driver technology reduces output to a specified temperature, and delivers reliable, flexible light for a quality that truly shines.
  • Advance Express – quick and easy replacement LED drivers, minimal SKUs yet broad luminaire coverage, intuitive software, fast wireless programming.
  • FlexTune - an all-digital tunable white system that is unmatched in terms of design flexibility, precision in control (CCT tuning and dimming), and color consistence even down to 1% dimming.


Signify also announced it is extending its YellowDot OEM program to the United States, opening its indoor positioning platform to Hubbell Lighting. The YellowDot OEM program allows manufacturers to test and certify their LED fixtures to work with YellowDot powered indoor positioning systems such as Interact Retail. The system is supported by Visible Light Communication (VLC) and Bluetooth beaconing hardware, location algorithms and cloud services enabling Hubbell’s customers with the ability to implement real-time location services for indoor venues, such as retail, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, transportation and special event environments.

From May 21-23, LIGHTFAIR® attendees can get up close to these innovations and more at Booth #1401.

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