The Essential Guide to Choosing a High Mast LED Lighting Solution

Oct. 1, 2018

The Essential Guide to Choosing a High Mast LED Lighting Solution


The SMS Lighting High-Mast Lighting Solutions Handbook helps you solve your current and future high-mast LED lighting modernization requirements. It helps you achieve enhanced lighting energy efficiency by design to allow antiquated high-pressure sodium lights to be replaced and upgraded to LEDs. The Handbook describes the most current SMS LED products, designed to deliver optimum lighting on the ground, as well as increasing video surveillance operations and image capture.


This SMS Handbook publication provides overviews and information about the most current SMS LED exterior lighting products. It shows how SMS delivers the right mix of LED products for nearly every aspect of exterior lighting continuance and energy efficiency. SMS LED lighting products can help you increase illumination on the ground, achieve energy savings without impacting security, and share your data.


This Handbook is intended as a reference for basic and comprehensive information about the SMS Lighting LED exterior products portfolio. It provides a starting point for establishing your own High-Mast modernization objectives.


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