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Aug. 8, 2018


                                                                                                          Francisco “Paco” Palop, CEO

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California-based LED lighting company closes acquisition of Noribachi company assets
and launches a new company led by lighting industry veterans.


Harbor City, CA (Aug 07, 2018) – Lumination Lighting and Technology (Lumination), a newly launched California-based LED lighting manufacturer of high-output commercial and industrial applications, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of the Noribachi LED lighting company assets. Led by lighting industry veterans, Lumination will offer product solutions from the former Noribachi brand as well as new and innovative solutions moving forward.


Lumination is focused on designing and manufacturing industrial lighting solutions, including high-bay and low-bay area lights, wall packs, and bollards. The company’s modular light engines provide scalable solutions to convert any existing light to LED, via retrofit or new fixture integration. Lumination’s management team holds over 60 years of combined lighting industry experience and the company manufactures all of its products in the United States.


“We are very proud to be a ‘made in the US company,’ with vertically-integrated manufacturing and assembly,” stated Francisco (Paco) Palop, CEO of Lumination. “The company is investing significant resources in the development of a new set of LED light engines that will be used in its retrofits and in new products.”


Company CEO, Francisco (Paco) Palop, brings over 20 years of experience in the LED lighting space and has served as CEO, COO, VP of Operations and VP of Sales and Marketing of several lighting companies. Paco has a green belt in Six Sigma and significant experience in lean manufacturing practices and the development of LED-based products. Paco holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and a master’s degree in business administration from California State University at Fullerton.


Luminition sales are handled by a dedicated team of regional sales managers located throughout the United States along with a network of manufacturers’ representatives. 


About Lumination Lighting and Technology

Lumination Lighting and Technology is a Southern California-based premier LED lighting manufacturer of high-output commercial and industrial applications. The company is owned by private equity firm, HCAP Partners, who is also represented in the company’s board of directors. Lumination is dedicated to the principle of efficient and cost-effective energy use through innovative LED technology.  With over 30,000 completed projects worldwide, the company is driving the LED lighting industry forward, defining trends with a passionate devotion to integrity, quality, and design. For more information, please visit