What Is The Best Glue For LED Strip

July 19, 2018

But There are fatal flaw in its molecular structure , it is easy to turn yellow ,Yellow degeneration resistance is poor and Low temperature resistance is poor.

when put the epoxy resin glue led strip work under the -30℃, it will make the led strip decline its flexible, and tender , easy to damage.

which will cause many inconvenient during the led strip light working .



The PU (polyurethane) glue is better than epoxt resin glue because of its good Yellow degeneration resistance, good Low temperature resistance.

However, its price is higher as well as the toxicity. When solidify the PU glue, it will lead to some low molecular compounds, which is toxicity , it is bad for health when workers inhalation.

So it is not better to operate in workshop, That’s why it has less share on the market .


Silicon glue , it including the all advantages of PU glue and epoxcy glue ,which with good heat resistance , good low temperature resistance , good yellow degeneration resistance and low toxicity .

The glue will not change yellow for use a long time and also good smell .

Now most of suppliers are use this silicon glue for led strip light , or for more high quality led productions, which  are think highly of by the customers.

Derun lighting offer the silicon glue covering flexible led strip light and rigid strip light , which is in high quality , long lifespan, our uv led strip products are popluar in Europe and America market. If you want to get sampel for test , welcome to contact us !


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