Blink'n'Dim Adapter for 0-10V Dimmable Fixtures Eliminates Control Cable Wiring in Walls

Nov. 13, 2018

(Cupertino, CA) -  Contemporary Communications announces immediate availability of its Blink'n'Dim Adapter for 0-10V Dimmable LED fixtures and fluorescent ballasts.  Patented technology facilitates LED fixture retrofits in locations where only switched power wiring, and no neutral wire, is available.  


The Blink'n'Dim protocol enables convenient dimming control from an ordinary switch.  Blink bright lights off briefly to begin gradual dimming.  Blink again when the desired level is reached, or wait a few seconds for complete dimming.  After dimming, the process works in reverse for brightening.  The adapter translates Blink'n'Dim commands to a 0-10V control signal.


The Blink'n'Dim adapter mounts easily inside a fixture, or nearby.  It connects directly to the 0-10V control terminals of the fixture.  It requires a small 12VDC power supply connected to the fixture's switched power line.  Setup accommodates fixture operating ranges of 0-10V, 1-10V, or a custom low trim setting.


As with most 0-10V controls, multiple fixtures may be connected to the same control signal.  If that is not convenient, multiple adapters may be controlled from the same switched power line for synchronous dimming operation.


Unlike single-point wall mounted controls, Blink'n'Dim commands work from multiple switching locations.  Switches may be manually operated, or wi-fi operated for smartphone or voice control.


Manufacturers may distribute adapters with their fixtures to support customer installs.  Contemporary Communications can supply complete adapters on an OEM basis, or will supply pre-programmed microprocessors that manufacturers can integrate with their own power supply or fixture designs.  Adapters are available directly to consumers from


For further information, please contact Joe Doll, CEO, via the Contact form at