0-10V Dimming with No Control Cable Applies Responsiv™ LED Control Technology from Contemporary Communications

July 16, 2018

New, patented technology operates 0-10V dimming control without the usual control cable.  The technique greatly facilitates LED fixture retrofits in locations where only switched power wiring is available.

Responsiv™ technology enables convenient control by an ordinary switch.  Its "Blink'n'Dim" protocol works as follows:  Blink bright lights off briefly to begin gradual dimming.  Blink again when the desired level is reached, or just wait a few seconds for complete dimming.  After dimming, the process works in reverse to effect brightening.  A small, inexpensive circuit translates Blink'n'Dim commands to a 0-10V control signal.


The Blink'n'Dim adapter may be mounted inside the fixture, or nearby.  It connects between a switched power line and the 0-10V control terminals of the fixture.


As with most 0-10V controls, multiple fixtures may be connected to the same control signal.  If that is not convenient, multiple adapters may be controlled from the same switched power line for synchronous dimming operation.


Unlike single-point wall mounted controls, Blink'n'Dim commands work from multiple switching locations.  Switches may be manually operated, or wi-fi operated for smartphone or voice control.


Contemporary Communications will supply pre-programmed microprocessor components which, with a few additional standard components, implement the Responsiv™ technology.  Manufacturers that follow suggested design guidelines should enjoy a "plug and play" experience, accelerated time to market, and enhanced product function.


For further information, please contact Joe Doll, CEO, via the Contact form at responsivled.com.