Aesthetic touch to A++ awarded track spotlight family from LAMP 83…

July 11, 2018

Aesthetic touch to A++ awarded track spotlight family from LAMP 83…


  LAMP 83’s energy efficiency awarded spotlight family will make difference in retail sector with their new, track integrated driver form...

LAMP83’s awarded track spotlight products, that have won 1st place trophy in 'SME Energy Efficient Products' category in ‘ISO Energy Efficiency Awards’ that is organized by Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI), promises aesthetic and unique look with its new, track integrated driver from in terms of design, besides its superior features such as functionality, efficiency, longevity. 


Apart from the standard horizontal or vertical kit used in Silver, Pride, R-Flex, Mono and new Joy S product families, newly presented integrated driver track adaptor versions also allows for a cleaner appearance in terms of aesthetics of the ceilings and visually more elegant appearance.


LAMP83 products that offered with recessed, semi-recessed, surface type and pendant body options beside spotlight, offers the possibility to meet complete lighting requirements of a place within the same product family.


A++ products that can come up over 120lm/W, make great difference in terms of number of product, captured luminosity level and spent energy thanks to their energy efficiency and provided energy saving.


LAMP 83 is at your service with its spotlight products that are economical on consumption and different in aesthetic.


For further information: 

Mustafa Aysal 

Corporate Communication & Marketing Specialist 

[email protected]