Zeta 10 – Aesthetically Designed Luminaire for High-End Architectural Applications

June 8, 2018

Zeta 10 is a 10-inch downlight cylinder with a wide-ranging lumen package of 7396 lm – 15870 lm. Perfectly suited for 15 – 50 ft. mounting height applications, this minimalistic and sleek luminaire adds a touch of class to your architectural space. Crafted with the latest Light Engine designed from METEOR Lighting, this luminaire is set to reshape high ceiling lighting design.

If you are looking for a luminaire that adds depth to your space, the color trim options of Copper, Gold, Silver, White, and Black finishing gives you the design flexibility to match the surroundings and the trims are also field-replaceable for convenience.

The luminaire housing features advanced optics with an elegant glare control reflector, a 45-degree cut-off beam spread and a single light source.

The Zeta 10 is also compatible with METEOR Lighting’s very own Colorflip Tunable white solutions, delivering more possibilities with CCT 2700K – 4000K as well as compatibility with all 0-10V and DMX dimming controls.