REV 8 Prime – The 25,000 lm Retrofit Solution for 400-500W Metal Halides

June 8, 2018

The majority of LED downlights in the market currently produce less than 5000 lumens, which covers a majority of incandescent lamps but do not come close to matching the lumen output offered from high wattage CFL or metal halide lamps. REV 8 Prime is the leading choice to replace fluorescent and 400-500W Metal Halide fixtures. This 8” aperture recessed downlight boasts a 25,000-lumen package and is available in 10”, 12” and 14” aperture retrofit brackets. REV 8 Prime is tailored for 20 – 60 ft. applications such as commercial spaces, worship facilities, and auditoriums.

With minimalistic and sleek design features, REV 8 Prime also features advanced optics with a special reflector design with high heat resistant material and robust reflection coating; which reduces loss of light after long-term use. The glare control unit also incorporates a 35–45 degree cut off with honeycomb baffle and can also be combined with a high efficacy diffuser providing <10% light loss.

REV 8 Prime also uses our latest Light Engine design with innovative thermal management that minimizes overheating through a unique cold forged heat sink design. Unlike other heat sink designs, the new Light Engine extends the heat sink into the housing of the luminaire, which improves heat dissipation by over 30%, structural robustness, and light performance.

REV 8 Prime boasts an IP 65 rating, L90 rating and compatibility with various advanced dimming options made possible with our very own VX driver. On top of all that, combining REV 8 Prime with our very own Colorflip Tunable white solutions can deliver more possibilities from CCT 2700K – 4000K.