How to choose a better quality led strip light?

May 7, 2018

Led strip light is a very popular lighting material in the market. Many buyer finding quality led strip light all over the world.We meet then in Canton Fair , HongKong lighting fair ,Frankfurt Lighting+Building fair.

You need to quickly to check in the fair ,which company led strip light is the right quality led strip light .Otherwise you will buy cheap quality led strip light ,then will make you much troublesome.

I will give you 10 tips for how to choose the better quality led strip light . Hope it is useful for you .


1,Make in China

Now more than 80-90% of the led strip lights are from China .Of course , some of them make in Europe ,USA,India. But we need a better price led strip light .So Chinese led strip light supplier is a better choose.

2,CE/FCC list .

The led strip light need to CE approved for Europe market . And FCC approved for The United States.This means the led strip light supplier can control the quality. The manufacturer shall observe all safety and other regulations imposed on the Site by local laws.

3,Good quality PCB

The PCB is a very important material for led strip light . Now the better quality PCB is the double size 2oz PCB. There are some of the better quality led strip light PCB factory in China . Just like Founder PCB factory , Guozhan PCB factory. Now more and more.


4,Good Soldering

Led strip light is assemble by LED, PCB,resistance, wires.All this material is soldering in the PCB. we need to check from the surface of the led strip light . Good soldering led stirp , the point of the solder is very clean ,smooth. And all the parts are in the right place.

5,Good Brand LED

Led strip light is assemble by LED, PCB,resistance, wires.So the most important is the lighting source-LED. We need to use some good brands led chips . Just like Epistar , Sanan. And some led company , HongLi, Refond. Brightness , color temperature , CRI this are important.


6,3M tape

The original 3M tape is very important . Because the led strip light is fixed by the 3M tape . If not use the original 3M tape , the led strip light maybe fall off after using months.This happen in some client . Lightstec is using high quality 3M 9080A tape.

7,Custom-made color temperature

For different projects ,custom will have different color temperature request. we can offer from 1800k ,2200k,2400k,2700k,3000k,3500k,4000k,4500k, 5000k, 6500k,7500k led. And we can offer CRI>80,CRI>90 product.

8,RGB+W/WW color

In some projects, customer need RGB+White color /nature white/Warm white color. This is according to the request of designer. And we can offer normal rgb controller, rgbw controller , DMX controller for your use.


Wire is also important of the led strip light . Using good quality wire . first , the led strip light will safe . Second ,the voltage will less. We use AWG20 wire for our led strip light .



10,Heat shrink

Heat shrink is protect the wire of the led strip light. sometimes , the worker will pull the strip light when they are installing the led strip light . So the heat shrink is protect the wire . And the heat shrink also protect the led strip light when the strip light install in the surface of the metal. Avoid short circuit from the metal.


Lightstec is a quality Led strip light manufacturer in China .We welcome client all over the world. Contact with us if you need any help: [email protected]