Kopp Glass Releases New Webinar: Exterior Aircraft Lighting Lens Materials

Jan. 25, 2019


Kopp Glass has released an on-demand Webinar examining research from the published white paper: “Glass v. Plastic: A Two-Part Study of Abrasion in Transparent Lens Materials for Exterior Aircraft Lighting Systems.” Glass Engineer, Justine Galbraith, PhD, walks viewers through the study to illustrate the findings and their impact on the aerospace industry.


As the need to frequently replace burned-out incandescent bulbs is eliminated, the importance of constructing a reliable exterior lighting system capable of maintaining safe levels of light output despite continual exposure to particulate abrasion, thermal, and chemical stresses is crucial for operators to realize the benefits of LED technology. Lighting fixture manufacturers essentially have two transparent material choices: glass or plastic. The transparent lens material selected to be used in exterior aircraft lighting affects safety, maintenance, and cost. This decision has ramifications extending all the way to the aircraft owner.


 The two-part investigation uses Taber abrasion and high-velocity particulate impact testing to evaluate the suitability of borosilicate glass, polycarbonate, and aviation grade acrylic in exterior jet aircraft lighting applications. The results conclude that borosilicate glass lenses can withstand the harsh operating environment of aerospace for more significant periods of time than their plastic counterparts, helping to increase the longevity and reliability of LED exterior lighting systems. Abrasion resistant lenses mean reduced maintenance and operating costs over the life of the aircraft.

 Access the Webinar here: http://bit.ly/2BeWZEM


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