SelfArray Receives National Science Foundation Grant to Continue Research Toward Development of Direct-View LED Display Manufacturing Technology

March 21, 2018
SelfArray, Inc., developers of revolutionary technology for the manufacture of direct-view LED displays, today announced that it has received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II Award to continue their groundbreaking work in the field.
Direct-view LED displays, which are much brighter, have better contrast ratio, and are more energy efficient than traditional LED displays (which use LEDs as a backlight for LCD panels), are currently being used for video walls, large indoor displays (in airports, control rooms, malls, etc.), and even lighting fixtures.  These displays use individual tiny LEDs as pixels, and there are 24 million such LEDs in a single 4K display.
With currently manufacturing methods, it takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months to assemble a single direct-view LED display, as a robotic arm must place each LED into a pixel array individually.
In contrast, SelfArray is developing technology that utilizes magnets, vibration, and levitation to self-assemble LEDs in an array that can then be used to make a display.  By using this method, SelfArray can drastically reduce the manufacturing time from months to merely minutes.   The company has released a short video that illustrates how this works -
“Our technology enables the assembly of large LED subsystems hundreds of times faster and with lower capital equipment costs than is common today, and our new NSF grant will enable us to continue our research and development over the next two years,” said Dr. Clinton Ballinger, CEO and Founder, SelfArray. “Our goal is to create a process that facilitates the manufacture of a lower cost direct-view LED display that will replace current methods and displace LCD or OLED technology.”
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About SelfArray
SelfArray is a new, high-tech company in Troy, NY developing revolutionary technology that provides the missing link for manufacturing direct-view LED displays and LED lighting sheets with low cost and high speed LED assembly. Our technology enables fast, accurate self-assembly of a wide range of LED sizes into pixel arrays that form the building blocks for narrow-pixel pitch displays and other applications.  SelfArray is rapidly expanding and is seeking industrial partners to help accelerate commercialization. 
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