LED industry recognizes LensVector for breakthrough dynamic, light-shaping, solid-state lighting technology

March 20, 2018

LensVector’s breakthrough dynamic light shaping technology that can be controlled from any mobile device or control system was recognized as the Enabling Technology of the Year at last week’s Sapphire Awards. The LensVector technology allows the beam from a light source to change along a continuum from spot to flood at a single point or through an entire space.

“This transformational technology will forever change the way luminaire manufacturers design light fixtures and architects and designers create illumination schemes,” said Brent York, President and CEO of LensVector. “Our liquid crystal technology integrates with current and future control protocols and allows unique solutions in the lighting market.”

LensVector’s technology aligns liquid crystal molecules to a shaped electric field and effectively creates a lens. By changing the electric field, the nature of the lens, and therefore the illumination effect, can be changed.

“There is no longer a need to buy a spot lamp or a flood lamp,” said York. “The pairing of digital light sources and liquid crystal technology is a natural evolution. And as one industry observer noted, ‘…when history is written, it will be about photometrics and form factor.’”

LensVector technology is available directly from the company and can be seen at the upcoming LEDucation, Light+Building, and Lightfair conferences. Additional information can be found at http://lensvector.com.

About LensVector

LensVector is transforming the shape of light from fixed reflectors and lenses with digital LCD technology that allows light to be infinitely shaped on demand from IoT platforms, mobile devices, and modern control systems.