Visa Lighting Partners with Vital Vio for Design-Ready Disinfection

April 5, 2018

Germs are pervasive, deadly, and costly. In response, Vital Vio has reinvented disinfection. Their technology provides facilities managers and building owners with new tools to continuously kill germs indoors with the flip of a light switch.

Unlike other light disinfection products, Vital Vio LEDs emit a truly white light that is both attractive and safe for humans. Their VioSafe™ White Light Disinfection™ technology continuously protects environments from harmful bacteria. When used in combination with traditional intermittent cleaning in hospitals, homes, public spaces, and workplaces, Vital Vio’s solutions multitask to safely, effectively, and continuously kill harmful organisms on indoor surfaces.

“This technology can be a game changer for many different facility types and installations,” says Visa Lighting Product Manager Ryan Oldenburg. “We are excited to incorporate it into our growing range of products.”

This is big news for infection control, especially as bacteria have become more resilient to antibiotics. Vital Vio has been awarded several U.S. Patents for its innovative technologies and products, with numerous other patents pending. This recognition is backed by vigorous research and evidence-gathering that shows how Vital Vio’s products dramatically reduce contamination and infection risk.

Partnering with Vital Vio is an obvious progression for Visa Lighting. The Wisconsin manufacturer has been providing specification-grade architectural lighting solutions to commercial and institutional building projects for decades, particularly in the institutional and commercial markets. “Throughout Visa Lighting’s 50+ year history, we’ve often set the bar for combining aesthetic style and new functionality,” says Oldenburg.

Known for exceptional craftsmanship—and lately for their groundbreaking healthcare products—Visa Lighting has the lighting industry relationships and design expertise to optimize Vital Vio’s full potential.

New luminaires developed by these two companies will be seen for the first time at LightFair 2018. Visa Lighting is launching several new lighting fixtures powered by Vital Vio that will visually complement many spaces, including athletic training facilities, hospital patient rooms, dining areas, daycare facilities, public restrooms, hotel suites, college dorms and more—basically any space where bacteria gathers and you can turn on a light.

We are just beginning to see the built environment as a crucial contributor to wellness. Vital Vio and Visa Lighting are ready to respond as building occupants demand safer and more cost-effective disinfection solutions. “This brings an entirely new and crucial benefit to all segments of the commercial lighting market,” says Oldenburg. “It fits well with our philosophy that good lighting is about more than just delivering lumens.”  

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About Visa Lighting: Visa Lighting’s mission is to forge bold, exceptional experiences through progression and creative collaboration. That’s why their performance architectural lighting products are designed, manufactured and assembled by skilled craftspeople in Milwaukee, WI. Decades of manufacturing expertise qualify Visa Lighting to promote responsible innovations in lighting technology, creating opportunities to protect the natural environment while sustaining wellbeing in the built environment. Visa Lighting is an Oldenburg Group company.