Panel Built, Inc. Makes Push for All LED Lighted Buildings

Feb. 5, 2018

Panel Built, Inc. is a modular construction company with over 20 years experience in the business.  Completing 1000's of projects across all 50 states and internationally, Panel Built has gained a wide array of knowledge on what amenities work best for their projects.  For this reason, Panel Built has decided to push the use of LEDs in all future building projects.  Previously, PBI used fluorescent light bulbs in their projects but would run into a variety of different issues through a complete job cycle.  Panel Built's projects can come pre-assembled or "knock-down" which are assembled on site.  As a turn-key modular construction provider, all the building's parts are shipped to the job site to be installed instantly.  

However, the long, tubular fluorescent lights provided a frequent issue; the bulbs were far too fragile and inconsistent to provide the quality service that Panel Built is dedicated to. So, after switching to LEDs for their building projects, Panel Built is able to offer a lighting solution that will not bust or break in transportation to the job site, offers a more energy efficient alternative for their customer, and has an overall longer lifespan than the alternative.  


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