Telensa Named Global #1 in Smart Street Lighting for Second Consecutive Year

Dec. 13, 2017

Telensa Named Global #1 in Smart Street Lighting for Second Consecutive Year

Independent study hails the arrival of Smart Cities with LED and smart streetlighting market set to be worth $64.2bn by 2027 

Cambridge, UK 12th December 2017 – Telensa, the leader in connected street lighting and Smart City applications, has been named as the global market share leader for the second year running in an independent study by Northeast Group LLC. The fourth edition of Global LED and Smart Street Lighting includes market share data on leading vendors, cost-benefit analyses, case studies, and 10-year market forecasts for 125 individual countries. 

By 2027 there will be 363 million streetlights in the world, and smart streetlighting will account for 29% of them, in a total LED and smart street lighting market worth $64 billion. The study reveals that Telensa has retained its market share lead over Silver Spring Networks, Philips Lighting and Echelon, with almost double the number of deployed smart streetlight nodes as its nearest competitor.

"Telensa is the global market share leader in smart street lighting, systems that represent the next wave of large-scale smart city IoT deployments," said Ben Gardner, president of Northeast Group. "In the past few years, smart streetlights have progressed from a nascent market to established early deployments of smart city infrastructure, as cities across the globe have embraced the technology.”

Telensa is behind the world’s largest smart streetlighting deployment in the US, and has been awarded significant new city and regional projects over the last year, the latest being with Wellington in New Zealand.  The company’s revenues have grown by 90% since 2016, and are 3 times those reported for 2015. 

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About Telensa

Telensa® makes wireless smart city applications, helping cities around the world save energy, work smarter and deliver more joined-up services for their citizens. Telensa PLANet is the world’s most deployed smart streetlight solution, with a footprint of 1.5 million lights. Building on the compelling business case for its smart streetlighting, the company provides cities and utilities with an open, low-cost platform to add multiple sensor applications.

Telensa’s Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) wireless networks simply attach to light poles. They can provide city or region-wide coverage in a matter of days, and are designed to run reliably for decades. The company is working alongside other leading vendors within ETSI (the European Telecommunications Standards Institute) to develop standards for LPWA networks.

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