Oct. 25, 2018


LED High Bay lights are designed with outstanding technology and best quality for highest energy efficiency and longest lifespan. At PoliLED we have a team of experts ready to help you choose the best for your warehouse lighting.

First of all, there are a few things to keep in mind when you need to create a lighting design for your warehouse. Especially relevant is to keep your team safe and productive. Let’s take a look at all the factors you have to keep in mind before making a decision:

  • Safety: keep your team safe offering appropriate lighting, reducing the possibilities of having accidents in your workspace.
  • Productivity: lighting designs affect contrast and clarity. Industrial spaces need white bright lighting, this will allow your team to work properly every task, especially if they have to read a label or identify products.
  • Color temperature is also related to productivity, choose the correct one according to your lighting necessities. Check out our article about the different LED Colors you can use. Click here and find the perfect one for your business.
  • CRI is the measure of a light’s ability to show natural and realistic colors. The higher the index number, the more realistic the products will look under this lighting. At PoliLED we offer you high bays with a CRI>80. Consequently, the colors will look more vivid and the details will be better appreciated under this LED light.
  • Energy saving is always an important part when you are going to choose your warehouse lighting. At PoliLED all the commercial lights have a power factor > 90 which means these lights only waste 10% or less of power on heat. On the other hand, incandescent lighting uses 90% of the energy consumed to produce heat and only 10% to produce visible illumination. In conclusion, LED lighting is the smartest option for your warehouse.
  • Save money: change the lighting of your space and use a more efficient product with a longer lifespan.

High Bay solutions at PoliLED for warehouse lighting

These LED High Bay Lamps are an exceptional choice for commercial and industrial lighting. They have a reputation for supreme and energy-saving lighting, perfect for tall ceilings and large areas. In order to keep your productivity up, it’s important to have floors illuminated in an effective way. If you are looking to install a new lamp into your warehouse, there is no better option than the high bays. They are purposefully constructed for warehouse lighting.
LED High Bays are UL Certified, which means they are approved by Underwriters Laboratories, the world leader in product safety testing and certification. You also get 5 years of limited warranty and 75,000+ guaranteed LED lifetime hours.

Daylight LED High Bay – UL Certified for warehouse lighting

This LED light is focused more directly to create the perfect illumination at a long range. Is the perfect mix of innovation and quality. Therefore, LED technology will always be the smartest choice.
The Daylight LED High Bay is available at 50, 80, 120 and 200-watts. All the options have an input of AC90~295 and a high efficiency of 120 lumens per watt. Its color temperature is 4500K, perfect for a bright and vibrant lighting design. This LED lamp will make your warehouse look like an office setting.



UFO LED High Bay – UL Certified for warehouse lighting

The UFO design helps transfer thermal properties more evenly and the illumination is widespread and powerful. This LED High Bay is available in 200-watts, with an input of AC100~277V and a high efficiency of 120 lumens per watt (giving you a total of 24,000Lm). Its color temperature of 5500K, creates a cool white LED color perfect for a crisp and invigorating lighting composition.

These LED High Bay lights are perfect for warehouses, storages, shipping services, construction, transportations, aircraft and more.

Do you still have questions or need help with your installation process? Give us a call or visit us at our showroom. We are ready to help you have an outstanding lighting design. Volume discounts and product selection guidance available.