Retrofitting Made Easy with LED Linear Series 2.0 by Flex Lighting Solutions

March 15, 2018

San Jose, CA (March 14, 2018): Upgrading to an LED lighting solution from fluorescent lighting just became easier with Flex Lighting Solutions next generation Linear Series 2.0. With design enhancements, a new multi-width option and increased efficacy, this luminaire is poised to become a top linear solution in the LED market.



The Linear Series 2.0 adopts the cutting-edge LED lighting technology from the Essentials Series 4.0 high bays. With a lumen range of 3,000 to 12,000 lm and high efficacy, up to 151 lumens per watt, the result is a high performing fixture unlike any other in the market. This product offers up to 70% energy savings versus fluorescent luminaires. High performance and long life are combined in this new product, with an L70 life of 309,000 hours. Flex engineer its products to have extremely long life and reliability, as continued performance over time is critical for today’s industrial customers.


A common hesitation in upgrading to an LED lighting solution is finding the right product for the application. This low bay series offers several mounting options from surface to stand-alone fixtures. With building renovations over time or acquiring new facilities, it leaves the question of how many different types and sizes of fixtures need to be replaced. Taking this into consideration, Flex reinvented its product design.


With the new universal retrofit kit available for the Linear Series 2.0, which is the same width as most existing fluorescent linear fixtures, upgrading to LED lighting becomes faster and easier than before. There is also a multi-width option, fitting most existing installations from 3.25” to 5.5”, that allows to order one product for the entire job with little risk of not having the correct fixture. Lastly, Flex added a 12-foot length model to the existing 4-foot and 8-foot options, all powered by just one driver. All these design features are aimed to save money and time on the installation, reduce maintenance costs and boost energy efficiency.

The Linear Series 2.0 introduces an array of other product enhancements. New color temperature options and lenses to optimize the light distribution and create more uniformity with low glare for this usually continuous-run lighting. Optional occupancy and daylight sensors with EnOcean control system technology, an emergency battery backup, and upgraded cords are also part of this next generation.

We are really proud of the thought and engineering that went into this Linear Series 2.0,” shared Mark Stranczek, Senior Product Manager at Flex Lighting Solutions. “Our goal was to provide product enhancements that not only come from a product design and engineering standpoint, but a customer use and also installer standpoint. Almost every building on the planet has linear fluorescent fixtures and this Linear Series 2.0 is a very fast, easy, and quality upgrade solution to LED technology in any of those applications.”   


For more information about the Linear Series 2.0, visit the product page and spec sheet.

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