Linear LED Lighting Made Easy with LS1 Series by Flex Lighting Solutions

Jan. 22, 2019

Flex Lighting Solutions introduces the new LS1 Series, an LED strip fixture with a thin profile, great performance and unique options.  It features the long life and reliability you’ve come to expect from Flex, in a slimmer, linear profile.

Available in 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 lumens per 4-foot section with an efficacy up to 150 lumens per watt, these high performing linear fixtures offer up to 63% energy savings versus fluorescent lights.

This new Linear LED Strip has two versions, stand-alone and linking. They both have sensors available, which are added in the run, thus keeping the overall fixture profile intact. Installation is fast and easy with the Flex Lighting Solutions LS1 Series, saving both money and time for contractors, installers, and end-users. 

Another innovative feature of LS1 Series is Sensor Anywhere; giving you the ability to place one or several occupancy sensors anywhere along the run (LNK version). One sensor gives the option to control the whole light row or just a section of it.  By installing multiple sensors, the user can create groups and control them independently, allowing them to create lighting scenes and maximize energy savings.

“I am really excited for our new LS1 LED Linear fixture. There are two great things about it: 1) the linking system makes it easy to install and wire, and 2) the Sensor Anywhere feature will let you put OCC, OCCDIM or IoT sensors anywhere in the continuous run, giving a lot of flexibility for specifiers and designers”. Mark Stranczek - Product Manager at Flex Lighting Solutions.

Flex Lighting Solutions has upped the ante in product life and warranty. We start by reporting our life data (via TM-21) at both 25°C (lab conditions) and at the max ambient of the fixture (real world conditions).  We then follow this up by standing behind our products with a five-year L70 warranty. If the light output drops below 70% within the first five years, we replace the product. 

The LS1 Series delivers exceptionally long life and reliability, as continued performance over time is critical for today’s industrial customers. Calculated L70 (25°C) life is 309,000 hours with a projected lumen output of 90% after 10 years. At 45°C the L70 is calculated at 250,000 hours with a projected lumen output of 89% after 10 years (24/7/365).

The LS1 Series is available in 3500K, 4000K and 5000K color temperature options and features frosted lenses to optimize the light distribution and create a uniform line of light with low glare. These LED Strips offer a wide selection of cords and control systems, an emergency battery backup with a 90-minute duration, and the option to upgrade from the standard 2KV to a 10KV surge protector.

For more information about the LS1 Series, visit the product page and spec sheet.


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