VERDE LED’s warehouse and manufacturing LED solutions help Sam Dennigan and Company save energy

June 1, 2017

VERDE LED, who specialise in the design and manufacture of commercial energy saving LED lighting solutions, has recently completed a retrofit of facilities at Sam Dennigan and Company.  


Choosing the correct light with full performance for illuminating warehouses and manufacturing facilities is a big challenge in industrial lighting applications, but VERDE LED worked with Sam Dennigan and Company to optimise their lighting, while significantly reducing their energy costs and CO2 emissions.


An Irish, family run, fresh food supply, procurement and logistics consolidator, working with producers from the field to consumers at the fork, Sam Dennigan and Company originated in 1976 when its founder, Samuel Laurence Dennigan, began trading in ware and seed potatoes from Oldtown in north County Dublin. From its origin as a small potato business, the company, which has over 350 employees, now handles the widest possible range of fresh produce from around the globe. In addition to fresh produce, Sam Dennigan and Company also distributes the full range of meat, poultry and dairy products to the retail sector. 


The lighting team in VERDE LED supplied a combination of Enterprise High Bays, along with INVICTUS II LED Floodlights, to come up with a design that matched and exceeded the expectations of Sam Dennigan and Company across five facilities, measuring over 100,000 sq ft. The project was completed from October to December 2016.


The Enterprise High Bays supplied are extremely efficient 100 – 150W fixtures, and are used generally to replace 400w metal Halide fixtures, and which reduce energy costs by 65%. VERDE LED’s INVICTUS II LED Floodlights offer a massive 40% improvement in efficiency on INVICTUS I; and aesthetically offer a slimmer, more appealing design than their predecessor, whilst still maintaining their IP65 rating. Incorporating the latest technology Philips LEDs and Philips Driver, the INVICTUS II replaced conventional floodlights, reducing Sam Dennigan and Company’s energy costs even further.


Commenting on the choice of product for the project, John Keohane, CEO of VERDE LED, said “Our ability to provide an innovative, high performance solution to operate in a warehouse and manufacturing environment is testament to our team of engineers who worked on this project. Our Enterprise High Bays have proved to be a popular and beneficial product for industrial applications due to the quality of light and low energy consumption, so were the ideal product for the retrofit of Sam Dennigan and Company’s facilities in 2016.”


The installation of new LED lighting will deliver annual energy savings of 567,876 kWh, or more than 65% to Sam Dennigan and Company, a significant reduction in their carbon footprint. And with 276 tons of CO2 savings per annum, they will see payback on the investment in just over six months, as well as a reduction in maintenance costs.


"We wanted to introduce the latest LED lighting solutions throughout our facilities that not only improve energy use, but also improves the quality of light output for our employees," said Dick Kearns of Sam Dennigan and Company. "VERDE LED acted as an integral partner, and this project has delivered significant financial benefits and was executed seamlessly, with no interruption to our operations.”


Commenting on the project, John Keohane said "We are proud to work closely with Sam Dennigan and Company, providing unparalleled customer service through our experienced and knowledgeable team, to successfully achieve their energy efficiency goals. Selection by Sam Dennigan and Company demonstrates the confidence in our company's dedication to delivering quality service at every point in a project."


VERDE LED is now an established force within the LED industry both in Ireland and abroad. The company will be seven years in operation in 2017. A market leader and one of the leading commercial LED Lighting manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, VERDE LED offers a wide range of lighting solutions using premium LED chip technology primarily for commercial purposes. The products offer huge energy usage savings, more effective lighting (colour & direction can be tailored), and a much longer life cycle, leading to significant cost savings (up to 80%), and short payback periods.


The company has offices in Ireland, UK and France, and a global distribution network, with approximately 40% of the company turnover in exports. Other recent clients include Abbvie, Honeywell, Intel, Delphi Automotive, Maynooth University, and the HSE. In 2015 the company also won a contract to look after the lighting in 150 Topaz outlets over an 18 month period.


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