Aug. 18, 2017

Composition of the product

The GOBO Canvas is made out of different lightweight and durable materials and is available in specific sizes as well as custom made. The acrylate that covers the dynamic LED’s have carefully been tested to ensure that it projects the most vivid colours and that it gives the right amount of light without showing the individual LED’s. The design of the GOBO Canvas has been laser cut, which results in a clean and robust finish. The moving scenes that are interchangeable makes the application of the box dynamic and applicable in any surrounding.

Applications for the GOBO Canvas

This special solution offers an option for every situation. An example of this would be a dynamic advertisement in retail or an eye catcher in an office space, but it could also be used as a wall decoration in public spaces such as an airport, hotel lobby or an exhibition stand. The GOBO Canvas can be used as an artistic lighting solution, as the design of these wall panels and lights can be changed in a way which delivers your desired outcome.

About InventDesign

InventDesign was established in 2007 by director Stefan Verhoef. With vast experience in innovative LED projects, control techniques and a team of the best specialists, InventDesign is a leading player in the world of creative LED. The flexible approach in producing tailor-made projects, makes the company a leading partner in both fixed as well as temporary installations for festivals, theatres, retail, offices, and interior designers. We also offer a wide range in high quality LED’s and LED related products.