160lm/w LED Low Lighting

May 22, 2017

What is the most popular led high bay lights in the market in 2017? Maybe you will agree with me if I vote led low bay lighting, right ? If you want to learn how to select a good high bay, you can refer to our another article ,  “Teaching you how to select China led high bay light

LED low bay lighting, it has another name because its unique appearance, UFO led high bay lights.

There are many types led low bay depending on their different heat dissipation structure. And the wattage will start to 60W to 300W. But do you know which wattage is the most clients bought ? 

The answer is 150W led low bay lights.

Because most of the high bay will be used in the warehouse, at 6-8 meters, and 150W could provide enough and suitable lux. That’s why most of clients would prefer 150W if they are planning for the warehouse ,or the supermarket.

MFG 150W led low bay lighting is featuring with super high light efficiency, unique round optical lens, which has higher transmission. The light efficiency can up to 160lm/w, and we use Nichia 3030 SMD, and Meanwell driver, which could give you double insurance on the high quality.  And if you are looking for a more competitive price, we could provide another options, that is Philips 3030 SMD+ China mainland driver ( Moso or Songsheng driver ).

Following, we are going to list the detail parameter of our 150W led high bay lights , so that you can understand its more.


Wattage: 150W

Lumen: Up to 24000lm

Efficiency: Up to 160lm/w

Driver: Meanwell and Songsheng Moso optional

LED: Nichia 3030 SMD( Philips 3030 SMD optional)

CRI: 70 Ra

Beam angle: 60, 90 and 120 degree

Warranty: 5 years

Installation Method : Hook Mounted,Bracket Mounted,Suspension

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