Dekor® Revitalizes Home Lighting

June 7, 2018
Local LED light manufacturer, Dekor® Lighting, introduces a versatile, new light to an otherwise stagnant market. 
The Flex Deck LED Rope offers a stunning, seamless shine and unmatched ingenuity. Using the latest in LED technology, this Dekor® rope light stands out from its competition with lower energy consumption and higher light output. With no hotspots and customizable lengths, this light offers consumers an easy-to-install solution for their most complex lighting problems. 
The Flex Deck was designed to mold to all the curves, angles, and corners in the modern household. It is ideal for illuminating under deck rails, cabinets, shelves, and desks, but there is no limit to how this adaptable light can be used. To install the Flex Deck, simply decide where you want to put it, peel the included extra-strength adhesive strip, stick, and place. This light also pairs well with Dekor®’s EZ Wifi Motion Controller and app, providing modern homeowners the chance to create a smart home lighting system with complete control at their fingertips. 
Customers will be able to choose from precut five-foot lengths or create their own custom lighting experience with options ranging from one to ten feet. In addition to customizable lengths, Dekor® will offer Flex Deck LED Rope Lighting kits. The kits will contain four, five-foot pre-cut lengths of the rope light, male to male connectors, extra-strength adhesive strips, and a transformer designed specifically for use with the Flex Deck. 
The Flex Deck LED Rope light come with Dekor®’s revolutionary, 10-year warranty, actualizing the company’s values of quality, long-lasting LED lights. 
 [ Since opening its doors in 2001, Dekor® Lighting has grown from its humble roots of manufacturing premier decking components into a leading manufacturer, designer, and innovator of LED lighting products. Known for unmatched quality innovation and quality, Dekor® has become a national staple in the LED Lighting industry. ]