KATIAN Greenhouse

May 18, 2017

International Schools are
engaging Katian Space Projects

March and April were busy months for U-Tron. We have completed the design, built and commissioning of Greenhouses for 2 major International School in Beijing. The most exciting project was the one with the Solar powered Cultivar IV lights. The purpose is to beat the Beijing weather when there is no sun shine  and extreme pollution, cold or hot days. Its not just one indoor green house, but it’s a solar powered and multiple bins package for crop growing experimental laboratory for the children to learn and understand how to grow healthy food.. 

Why using Cultivar LED lighting

Consumes less electricity to deliver more light than HPS Lights (20-30% less)

Better PAR (Photosynthesis Active Radiation) readings

Designed for dimming and easy operation

Uniform light coverage with ideal daylight spectrum

Simply speaking Cultivar Saves you Energy and Cost of operation

Solar Power is free of Charge

Yes its true but there is an initial investment to be made. In the Katian Space there is an easy way to reduce your initial investments. We use the  sunlight, and electricity in addition to the solar energy capturing. If your green house is an outdoor project we will not waste the sun light. And in extreme conditions if there is no sunshine for extended periods, Katian Space will automatically switches on the mains electricity power circuits.

The solar panels has become less expensive and affordable. This is the best time to take advantage of going Solar. Depending on the site conditions we can determine if its makes more economical sense to keep the Solar power at DC mode or invert them into AC. In any event the cost of building your green house will be kept at the lowest possible levels. 

Cultivar are the best grow lights in the market

Obviously each crops requirements for lighting, water, nutritious, CO2 are different during the seeding, germination, growing, flowering, pollination and fruiting cycles. In order to manipulate the lighting requirements and the select the correct wavelengths we must use the LED technology.

The designing of the Cultivar Lights has gone thru 4 major generations of improvements. Today Cultivar can perform all the necessary technical specifications required for the Grow Lighting. IP 65, Dimming, Color tuning, Sunrise/Sunset functions and IP addressing are just to name a few.

Katian Automation and Remote

We know you have a million other things to do and no time to grow your vegetables. Or you want to spent time taking care of your plants but you just can’t remember when and what needs to be done. That’s when our Katian APP comes into play. Katian APP once installed and configured it will remind you when to check your water supply, and when to harvest your produce.  And with the remote camera you can get a 24/7 full 350 degree view of all what's happening inside the container.

The programmable timer and dimming switching circuit will hold a weekly information. You can upgrade this to the 6 months programmable system for longer growth cycle plants.  Once you get the information into the memory you can sit back and relax and the system will do the work for you. The Katian System will turn on and off the lights , dim them when necessary, turn on and off the water system, some times release  CO2 if necessary, controls the humidity and the temperature and send you alerts when there is  a need for a human intervention.

One thing our APP cannot do is pollination. We need the bees to do that job. So now we can offer you or direct you to bee masters who are renting the hive during the flowering seasons.  Or we will show you how you can use the cotton swabs and do it by hand. Its more fun this way. 

However, many green vegetables require no pollination , for example, lettuces , Cucumber, wheat grass to name a few.