New Cortet™ Lighting Control Solution Enables Manufacturers to Sell Systems and Solutions, not just Lamps & Luminaires

May 8, 2017

New Cortet™ Lighting Control Solution Enables Manufacturers to Sell Systems and Solutions, not just Lamps & Luminaires

Cortet expands the market for existing lighting products as well as new IoT systems and solutions

LIGHTFAIR®, Philadelphia – Booth #649

Cortet™ by CEL announced today the availability of its new Cortet Lighting Control Solution ( and its “Powered By Cortet” partnership program that enables lamp and luminaire OEMs to provide a full range of local and IoT connected control systems, integrated solutions and lighting accessories to their clients and customers.

As a “Powered By Cortet” partner, a lamp or luminaire OEM can expand its product lines and increase overall profit margins by leveraging Cortet’s industry leading lighting control system with a full line up of tested and certified accessories like sensors, switches, luminaire control adapters, LED drivers, etc.  Additionally, the Cortet engineering team, with decades of experience in real world commercial control systems, can provide integration expertise to help with the design, installation and fine tuning of entire systems required for industrial and commercial buildings.

By adding a lighting control system to its portfolio, a luminaire and lamp OEM can increase sales of its existing product lines by selling more luminaires and/or lamps, gain new revenue by selling lighting controls, and open the door to sell new products and services that build on an IoT connected system.

One of the most critical issues that luminaire and lamp OEMs face today is the more rapid than expected deterioration of profit margins for LED products (which last longer than incandescent and fluorescent products, which is another stress on OEMs’ top and bottom lines). 


“They need new, higher margin revenue to protect their businesses,” says Erik Davidson, Cortet’s Director of Marketing and Product Management. “We have heard this described to us many times in many ways.  That is why CEL developed the ‘Powered by Cortet’ program that gives these OEM’s something new to sell.  It’s an added bonus that they can attach this new thing to sell to their higher margin existing products.”


Cortet’s proven technical advantages as well as its unique user interfaces, enable lighting manufacturers to differentiate themselves from the competitors and to better establish long and rewarding relationships with their industrial and commercial facility customers.

According to Paul Minton, CEO Cortet by CEL, “Our new “Powered by Cortet” program, similar to the classic ‘Intel Inside’ program, provides both the technology and the engineering expertise that will enable lighting OEMs to accelerate time to market for new products, expand their service and product offerings, and to increase overall sales and profit margins without having to add more staff. This is a fast and safe way for these technology companies to expand further into their market sector, establishing new customers and expanding engagement with existing relationships.”

The “Powered by Cortet” program includes access to the newly launched “Cortet Certification” program - a comprehensive offering of tested and certified to interoperate lighting products and accessories from leading suppliers like Leviton Manufacturing, Illumra, Magnitude Lighting, and more to come. See the list online at The Cortet Certification program ensures that these lighting products and accessories have been tested to fully interoperate with each other and to be controlled by the Cortet Lighting Control Solution.

In addition, the “Powered by Cortet” program will enable lighting and luminaire OEMs to expand their next generation product offerings over time into additional automated and smart systems such facility security, air conditioning and heating, building communications, and other emerging industrial IoT solutions.

About Cortet by CEL

Cortet™ is an integral part of CEL, a trusted wireless partner of Fortune 100s and small companies alike for over 55 years. Cortet by CEL designs and provides complete hardware and software solutions that OEMs can use to quickly and profitably launch their own IoT-enabled product lines and their own complete IoT-enabled control systems for the smart building industry. Cortet designs and manufactures the Cortet™ and MeshConnect® lines of IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee®, Thread, and Bluetooth® wireless solutions and also provides complete control systems such as the Cortet Lighting Control Solution.


CEL has technical centers in Santa Clara, California (Silicon Valley), Buffalo Grove, Illinois (Chicago area) and Lafayette, Colorado (Boulder/Denver area). CEL supports customers through direct sales offices, sales representatives, and distributors worldwide, with offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo that support the Asia Pacific region. Visit us online at


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